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With the new SEACAM compact housing series SEACAM the first time offers housings for mirrorless cameras. The SEACAM compact SONY A7II housing is extreme small, lightweight and fully equipped and features its innovative SEACAM silver design.

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SEACAM goes Facebook

SEACAM goes Facebook

It took quite some time, but we are finally ready: SEACAM is now officially on Facebook. On our profile, you will find many interesting posts, our latest technical innovations and and the most beautiful pictures from the world of SEACAM underwater photography. "Like and share" us and become a member of our global SEACAM family.

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Unbeatable duo – SEACAM <em>prelude</em> CANON EOS7D MKII / NIKON D750

Unbeatable duo – SEACAM prelude CANON EOS7D MKII / NIKON D750

Nothing is impossible with the new, flexible, versatile and fast cameras from Canon and Nikon. Together with the now even better equipped SEACAM prelude housings, this combination is unbeatable regarding its price.

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Our new masterpiece - SEACAM silver NIKON D810

Whether it is finest structures or fast movements, the 36.3 mp image sensor of the Nikon D810 guarantees superior photography in the FX format.

SEACAM Underwater Photo Academy

The online SEACAM Underwater Photo Academy offers you a comfortable, easy and successful way to good images, the latest technology and the perfect setup.

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award 2012

Biologist and photographer Paul Nicklen, Canada used his SEACAM silver and EOS-1D Mark IV / EF8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM lens to record the moment.

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SEACAM silver housings for NIKON D4 and D800/D800E are out now

SEACAM is working intensely on the new housings for the top CANON and NIKON SLR cameras. The housings for the NIKON D4 and D800/D800E are now being delivered to customers.

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SEAFLASH 150OFFSHORE for depth down to -200m

For depth down to -200m SEACAM offers the new SEAFLASH 150OFFSHORE, a perfect flash device for tech diving photography.

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By using the SEACAM configurator you can get a non binding online offer for your information only.

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SEACAM prelude for CANON EOS60D / NIKON D7000

“Less is more”, reduction to the essential but quality on the highest level is the idea behind the new SEACAM prelude housing series.

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S10 SPORTSFINDER – legendary as the NIKONOS RS

With a 10° view the new S10 SPORTSFINDER is as legendary as the RS viewfinder.

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Stunning speed and resolution or brilliant full HD movie clips – the SEACAM silver for Canon´s latest profile camera makes it easy for you to be your own director.


Stunning speed and resolution or brilliant full HD movie clips – the SEACAM silver for Canon´s latest profile camera makes it easy for you to be your own director. Ergonomics and full equipment is included as a matter of course.

SEACAM silver NIKON D300s

The SEACAM silver housing for the Nikon D300s makes it possible for the first time to shoot D-videos with a Nikon single lens reflex camera.

FMP Port

With the new Macro Fisheye Port featuring highest optical quality, for the first time SEACAM offers spectacular macro photography in wide angle style.

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SEACAM offers the perfect flash device for analog and digital underwater photography.

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Remote System

Made by professionals for professionals. Whether attached to a pole, monitored via cyber glasses or display, your housing is always in the right position.

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