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7. Transfer of perils and insurance
In case of delivery delay due the wish or the fault of the customer the goods are stored at the customer´s own risk and cost. In this case the delivery announcement has equal validity to the actual delivery. Incidentally the risk is transferred to the customer when the goods are handed to a forwarder or delivery company and at the latest when the goods leave the warehouse. The insurance for common transport risks is covered to the usual extent by us for all shipments. In case of damage we immediately require the postal statement of damage if sent by post and the original letter of consignment as well as the respective statement of damage if shipped by a parcel service. Information on the extent and amount of damage is to be supplied by the recipient immediately via officially approved authorities or in another way. Received parcels are therefore to be checked immediately regarding packaging and content. Claims for compensation against delivery companies are to be secured by refusing acceptance of the goods and retainment of the goods until the liability case has been resolved.

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