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Seaflash 60D - Data

  • CANON e-TTL / NIKON i-TTL / S-TTL, Dual-TTL, Film TTLand manual power adjustment in 5 steps and +/– lightning correction.
  • Power 60 Ws / 4400 K°, uw-guide no. 8 at 100 ISO / 1 m full power.
  • Illumination 130°
  • 200 fl ashes with max. power, delay time 0.1 –2 sec.
  • Flash socket N5 or S6 – and connection for fi ber optical cable / Helicoil M8 thread for fl ash arm attachment.

  • Dimensions (L x Ø) : 150 x 75 (80)mm
  • Weight: 550 g, neutral under water
  • Operation depth: - 80m

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