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Front Ports - Optics

A constantly good image quality is guaranteed by optically neutral and hardened mineral glass. The species of glass used is of highest transparency, meticulously cut and polished and thus ensures finest image quality.

For standard lenses up to 35mm we use flat glass. Specially adapted dome glass is used with wide angle lenses from 24mm. The image quality is improved enormously because every image ray flows through the glass unfractured. The image angle of all lenses remains unaltered even under water. When lenses cannot be adjusted close enough or the full adjustment range needs to be retained under water we use diopters.

Where air, water and glass meet, light reflections occur. On a normal glass pane the loss of light already makes for 4%. Reflections are dependent on the refraction index difference between air, water and glass. For a high image quality it is important that all elements of the optical system have a maximal transmission rate. Only then all light elements can contribute to the image build-up and the distinctive contrast effect.

To achieve a largely reflection free light transmission a highly developed layer system is applied to the inside of the front glass. Optical coating makes for 3-5 % higher light yield, up to 70% less reflections and an outstanding contrast.

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