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Craftsmanship - The Central Theme

SEACAM silver housings are the result of a perfect symbiosis of state-of-the-art production technology and genuine hand craft. The central theme that recurs in the exclusive development of a SEACAM housing is skilled craftsmanship.

The pencil in the designer´s hand, a scrutinizing look at the sliding ruler, practiced deburring of a silvery blank are the first steps when a new housing is born. The manufacturing of the unique SEACAM silver surface and the velvety inner lining require many years of experience in the handling of materials and tools. Thousands of steps in the process have been carried out, countless more are to come.

In a time consuming process, the technician´s hands attentively assemble the individual precision parts which then become a finalized product.

The housing comes to life with the fitting of the camera. The effort was worthwhile - time for a relieved sigh. The SEACAM silver sits nicely in the hand. Gears fit perfectly, levers do what they are supposed to and buttons operate smoothly. The central theme, the precision masterpiece, has been accomplished.

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