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History - 2005

SEACAM silver Nikon D200 runs and runs

At the beginning of the year SEACAM presents itself for the first time in Russia. Increasing airline baggage costs are the trigger for the development of a housing for the smallest Subtronic electronic system. The SEAFLASH 100TTL is a shapely, lightweight and under water neutral flash device. Clients appreciate the large angle of radiation and the easy handling.

New additions to the product range are the housings for the Canon EOS5D and Nikon D200. Both housings continue the shapely and elegant design, are easy to use and are manufactured in large numbers.

In order to be able to work with SEACAM housings at a distance as well, a REMOTE CONTROL is developed. Even shy and dangerous animals can now be photographed via manual release and cable. The first prototypes of the new homemade digital flash device are being tested thoroughly by professional photographers.

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