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History - 2012

Olympia and 3D cinema

Nikon England entrusted us with the task to produce a remote-controlled professional housing for the Nikon D4 SLR for the swimming competitions at the Olympics, which is very challenging for us.

The S45 SPORTSFINDER, which has been available for almost 15 years and is beyond reach in its quality, becomes smaller and lighter due to a new construction. The SEACAM silver housing for the Nikon D800 and the Canon EOS5DMKIII were developed almost simultaneously.

With the SEAFLASH 100D, we are expanding our flash range. 100Ws are perfect for the new generation of SLR cameras with high ISO settings.

The highlight of that year is, without doubt, the step into 3D motion pictures. In cooperation with the well-known filmmaker Roberto Rinaldi, we developed a revolutionary 3D housing for the CANON EOS C300/500 Cinema cameras. This unique housing is the smallest and lightest 3D housing worldwide in its class.

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