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History - 2013

Small gone big

With the MICROPORT MIP80, SEACAM introduces a new system for macro photography. Because of its conic shape, 2 flash units can be adjusted perfectly for a shadow-free illumination. The ACHROMAT MIP, especially designed for the use under water magnifies to 2:1 life size and avoides color aberration. It can be attached easily to the MICROPORT MIP80 when needed.

At the same time the SEACAM silver housing for the new Canon EOS 1DX full format camera is developed and by the way we adapt the legendary UW RS13 lens of the Nikonos RS for the usage at SEACAM underwater housings.

The new SEACAM MAGAZINE comes in two languages and is exclusive to our customers, who will receive it regularly. It tells emotional stories, shows impressive images and provides exceptional insight into the technology used by the leading underwater photographers of the world.

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