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As a worldwide novelty SEACAM is offering online seminars within the SEACAM Underwater Photo Academy in cooperation with the popular underwater photographer Kurt Amsler. Various webinars provide the possibility to deepen the knowledge of underwater photography in a quick and efficient way.

Hollywood is calling and SEACAM is on board with the new SEACAM silver for the Canon EOS 1DC. The new housing for the Nikon D7100, is expanding the SEACAM prelude series further. Our S180 SPORTSFINDER has been revised and is now only 400 grams.

Our main focus at the time is the production of our new SEACAM silver Nikon D810 housing, which is ready to be shipped.

The innovations at this year’s Photokina do probably not allow us to catch a breath. Development and progress never stop with us. We are constantly working on taking our SEACAM housings to a higher level of perfection. We are always endeavouring to combine the most useful technical innovations with tradition-conscious quality and craftsmanship. Thereby, we are manufacturing state-of –the-art equipment that will be as reliable in the future, as it is innovative now.

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