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SEACAM´s extremely high standard begins with the material. Only alloys of the highest quality and absolute pureness are used. This determines stability, corrosion resistance, treatment options and surface hardness.

SEACAM housings are constructed of a saltwater-proof, high-strength light-metal alloy. In addition, these parts undergo thermal treatment to achieve an even higher firmness and form stability. In order to achieve highest durability, the surface is mechanically densified by a special method, much more robust than anodizing or Hardcoating can ever offer.

For the fabrication of shafts, bolts and other components, we exclusively use high-alloy austenitic chromium nickel steel since only this steel guarantees excellent corrosion resistance and outstanding mechanic characteristics.

All synthetic parts are made of high quality technical synthetics. Dimensional stability and low hygroscopicity are the most important criteria for material selection. The parts are mostly manufactured using injection molding method in serial production on the most modern machines and therefore guarantee highest and consistent quality.

We require a factory certification to assess the quality of all employed materials. Our suppliers are certified according to ISO 9001 which stands as guarantee for the highest quality standards.

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