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Service shipment from abroad

You need to send one of your devices in for maintenance? A shipment of goods from a non-EU country is liable to customs duty. When we receive a package from a non-EU country the customs office adds approximately 10% import tax and 20% value added tax. Another option is to send the package by the custom prebook procedure. This can only be done with a freight forwarding agency however, and incurs substantial costs.

For this reason we issue a so-called proforma invoice with a minor merchandise value. Customs then do not charge customs duties, only VAT, which we claim back from the finance office. The necessary proforma invoice is raised by us and then forwarded on to you. Featuring your original signature you need to send one of these invoices accompanying the package and another separately as a letter.

When preparing the delivery documents make sure you enter Austria as the country of origin and the country of destination and that the amount matches the amount made out on the proforma invoice! Remember also to take out appropriate insurance for your valuable freight. Thus prepared, nothing should get in the way of a maintenance or repair service.

Please always contact us on prior to dispatching your delivery.

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