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RS lenses for your
Nikon DSLR camera.

In analogue times, the Nikonos RS was the Rolls Royce of UW cameras and the matching RS-Nikon lenses are still con­si­de­red the best lenses ever used in under­wa­ter pho­to­gra­phy. The image quality and edge sharpness with an open aperture was and still is unmatched. We’ve taken on the mission to tech­ni­cal­ly adapted these special lenses so you can use them on your modern Nikon camera.

The system includes the matching dome port with our SEACAM bayonet thread and the cor­re­spon­ding lens for all 3 R‑UW lenses offered. The new lens con­struc­tion is mounted on the camera like any other regular lens. Autofocus, zoom and the correct aperture setting are trans­fer­red, so together, the two com­pon­ents create a perfect system for the highest image quality.

Please note that we don’t sell the original lenses, but we’re happy to help with the search if needed.

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13mm 2,8

170° angle of view, 15cm close-up limit, f 2,8–45

Sharp, dynamic shots in bright colors. The multi-layer coating reduces lens flares and ensures excellent color balance.

Dimen­si­ons  Ø125 x 70mm, 990g

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28mm 2,8

60° angle of view, close-up limit 27cm, magni­fi­ca­ti­on 1:6, f 2,8–45

Ideal for a good overview and dramatic close-ups, par­ti­cu­lar­ly compact and light.

Dimen­si­ons Ø115 x 50mm, 560g

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20–35mm 2,8

51°- 80° angle of view, close-up limit 12cm, f 2,8–45

Faster and more flexible selection of the angle of view for precise framing in seconds.

Dimen­si­ons Ø145 x 115mm, 1590g

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“The lens is one of the most important tools for pho­to­graph­ers. My favorite is the SEACAM RS 13mm – so compact and an unbea­t­a­ble edge sharpness – even at F2.8 on par­ti­cu­lar­ly deep dives.”

Steve Jones, UK 
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