Optical precision

A new

A sharp and clear view­fin­der image is essential for ideal image com­po­si­ti­on under water. All SEACAM view­fin­ders were adapted to the special needs of under­wa­ter pho­to­graph­ers in coope­ra­ti­on with experts of the optical industry and guarantee an easy and com­for­ta­ble working envi­ron­ment in every situation.

The S45 viewfinder

for every angle.

The thoughtful design of our sports­fin­ders allows for a smooth rotation of up to 360°. That way, you can easily adapt your SEACAM housing to your needs and switch quickly from portrait to landscape format – whether in the macro or wide-angle range.

Best glass quality


Precisely measured and manu­fac­tu­red lenses and prisms as well as multiple optical coatings ensure the bright and clear view­fin­der image in all SEACAM view­fin­der models. For our glasses, we rely solely on expe­ri­en­ced partners with European quality standards, who continue to provide us with the best quality materials.

Security comes first

Better safe
than sorry.

All SEACAM view­fin­ders are her­me­ti­cal­ly sealed with quality O‑rings to allow easy and secure mounting on your SEACAM housing and to prevent (splash) water from entering.

The right fit

Ready for
every housing.

Like the entire SEACAM product range, all view­fin­der models can be used on any SEACAM silver, compact or prelude housing and can be flexibly exchanged and retro­fit­ted if necessary.

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Good to know

More info
about view­fin­ders.

Here you’ll find more details on the various view­fin­der models, buying tips and a look into the technical side of things.

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