meets tradition.

Precision, fle­xi­bi­li­ty and inno­va­ti­on: Combining these values ​​has been SEACAM’s goal from the very beginning. Timeless design and ergonomic forms have been combined with state-of-the-art tech­no­lo­gy for 30 years. Our expe­ri­en­ced team, local pro­duc­tion and precise handcraft pave the way to product quality at the highest level – today and tomorrow.

See how SEACAM housings are made

30 years of family tradition

Team work
and expe­ri­ence.

SEACAM has been a family business from the very beginning in 1989 – for the entire team, but also for pho­to­graph­ers and partners worldwide. The close working rela­ti­ons­hip has welded us together over the years and we all know that we will always support and count on each other, even when situa­tions get a bit tricky.


made in Austria.

From the first drawing on the computer to the final touches in quality control: All SEACAM products are carefully handmade in Austria and assembled piece by piece. We’re proud to be able to guarantee you the highest quality and relia­bi­li­ty now for already 30 years.

Our SEACAM system

A sys­te­ma­tic

Ver­sa­ti­li­ty is the cor­ner­stone of our SEACAM phi­lo­so­phy. For this reason, SEACAM housings and all access­ories fit into on a modular concept that allows you to choose the con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on that best suits your needs. Not only can you choose your own system flexibly at the beginning, but you can also easily expand it as needed in the future.



Working with local busi­nes­ses has always been important to us and we value their continued support and trust. Together with partners from the metal and syn­the­tics industry, surface treatment and measuring tech­no­lo­gy, we focus on local added value and always know who we can rely on for new inno­va­tions and products.

Founded in 1989

The start of
a success story.

As of today, we have been deve­lo­ping products at our Austrian head office for three unbe­liev­a­ble decades – products that accompany pho­to­graph­ers on their travels for years. And like the best stories, the one we tell today begins with a simple idea. To be honest, it was kind of futu­ris­tic at the time, but a German under­wa­ter pho­to­gra­pher was open to it…

The history behind SEACAM

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