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you need.

Here you can find all important infor­ma­ti­on, price lists and technical data for your SEACAM equipment. In case you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’d love to help you with all your questions. More useful info and technical details can be found on our FAQ Page or on the SEACAM blog.

Price List 2022

Product info

Data sheets
and port lists.

You’d like to find out more about our products in advance? Here you can find ever­ything you need to know about our SEACAM housings, SEAFLASH strobes and more – all collected in short PDFs.

Seaflash 160Digital

up to date.

You can easily update your new 160 strobe at home. Here you’ll always find the latest software available for download.

ATTENTION: Please read the update inst­ruc­tion carefully and before starting the process in order to avoid damage to the electronics.

Update Infor­ma­ti­on

Download .zip File

Please unzip the .zip, the final file is in .bin format. For Mac users: Depending on the operating system, you may get an error when unpacking. However, the .zip was unpacked in the back­ground and the .bin file is available.

prices & info

Price list

If you’re looking for detailed price infor­ma­ti­on on indi­vi­du­al products, you can take a look at our current price list here. If you have any questions, please contact us and we’re happy to advise you on all price-related questions.

Note: Prices subject to change, status: Spring 2022.

Price list 2022

content & photos

Photo material
to download.

You need photo material or a logo in high res? We’re happy to send you a download link. Please let us know via e‑Mail what exactly it is you need and we will provide ever­ything for you.

Please note that due to loading times, we are using a third-party provider for this (Dropbox).

Learn from the pros

and videos.

In our YouTube videos we show you the first steps in operating your SEACAM equipment and give you practical tips and tricks to pave your way to incredi­ble under­wa­ter pictures.

More to come soon!

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