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Photographers have trusted Nikon's high-performance cameras for decades – and the right SEACAM housings now guarantee the top performance of your photo system under water. Here you can find all current models for your Nikon SLR camera and the mirrorless Nikon Z series, with or without an FTZ adapter.

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Following the success of the Nikon Z9, we now present the SEACAM silver Nikon Z8 underwater housing. Discover the underwater world with all the features of this new powerful full-frame camera - incredible speed and sharpness in a compact size, to be used with or without the FTZ adapter.

See the SEACAM silver Nikon Z8 housing now here in full detail.

Functions and
technical data

Knobs and control levers

Power switch, shutter release, lens release button, main and sub-command dial, ISO, FORMAT, monitor mode, focus mode, delete, lock, FN3, photo video switch, AF-ON, enlarge image (+)

Push buttons

BKT, video start, +/- correction, MODE, shutter mode, DISP, i-button, OK, multi selector, MENU, play, zoom out (-)/index/help


Clear LCD monitor window and a glare-free upper display window.

2 flash sockets S6 or N5, 2 flash arm T-pieces 25mm, tripod thread 3/8 ″, M8 thread on the housing top, 2 removable handles and optical-acoustic leak detector.

Remote-, HDMI socket or vacuum test optional

Spare O-ring set, grease and maintenance oil, allen key set and wrist strap in neoprene bag, protective caps and manual.


260 x 190 x 160mm

without port, viewfinder and handles



without port, viewfinder and handles, neutral under water depending on port and viewfinder.

Operation Depth

- 80m

deeper operation depth upon request.


from EUR 4950

excl. shipping, taxes and custom duties

Crystal clear

Find your
matching port

The extensive SEACAM port range is perfectly suited and adapted to your lens. Whether you are looking for wide-angle, macro or special lenses, you'll certainly find them here.

Here you can find the port charts for all Nikon lenses.

All SEACAM ports

Special ports

RS Conversions.

The legendary R-UW AF13, AF 20-35 and R-UW AF 28mm lenses are converted in-house for use with modern Nikon cameras and are perfectly adapted for use under water with a special port.

Nikonos RS Conversions

image composition.

The ergonomic interchangeable SEACAM viewfinders were specially developed for the needs under water. These practical tools make precise focusing and optimal image composition easier than ever before.

All SEACAM viewfinders

SEACAM Ambassadors


We're so grateful that famous Nikon photographers like David Doubilet and Laurent Ballesta have trusted SEACAM for years and are breaking new ground in underwater photography with us as our brand ambassadors.

All Ambassadors

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