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The interface between the pho­to­grapher and his subject is the camera’s view­fin­der. Here, the pho­to­grapher composes the desired image, assesses and sets the sharpness and receives the most important infor­ma­ti­on about image data. A powerful and super-clear view­fin­der is essential for this task.


By default, the eye needs a distance of about 20–25mm from the ocular to be able to assess the entire image. With the diving mask, however, the whole thing becomes a bit trickier, since the mask forces us at a minimum distance of around 30–40 mm, depending on the model. This fact inspired us to com­pen­sa­te for this dis­ad­van­ta­ge with special sports- and view­fin­ders. Today, pho­to­graph­ers worldwide trust in our view­fin­der system and app­re­cia­te the high-quality optics and ergonomic handling.





SEACAM view­fin­ders allow the full and unre­ver­sed view despite an obs­truc­ti­ve diving mask. With par­ti­cu­lar­ly high-quality optics, 100% of the image field is displayed and enlarged three times. Powerful lenses and oculars, as well as prisms manu­fac­tu­red with the highest precision and multiple optical coatings ensure the par­ti­cu­lar­ly bright view­fin­der image in all of our view­fin­ders. It’s very con­ve­ni­ent to look at the entire view­fin­der image, view all camera-relevant infor­ma­ti­on, assess the sharpness and set it accordingly.


All view­fin­ders are quickly removable for transport, are her­me­ti­cal­ly sealed and very easy to change without tools. As all our access­ories, they are suited for all current SEACAM housing models and can be retro­fit­ted at a later date. This proves to be very practical, as it reduces luggage weight on the one hand and on the other hand, the view­fin­der can be adapted to any requi­re­ment in a flash.


Comparing all view­fin­der models

The com­pre­hen­si­ve range of SEACAM view­fin­ders covers a wide range of requi­re­ments, con­di­ti­ons and appli­ca­ti­ons. Here we’d like to show you our product selection:




The S45° SPORTSFINDER with a com­for­ta­ble 45° view has been an inno­va­ti­ve deve­lo­p­ment in under­wa­ter pho­to­gra­phy. The view­fin­der is unrivaled in terms of sharpness and size and, due to its design, gives you an inva­luable advantage, not only for macro shots. Envi­ron­men­tal­ly friendly shots close to the ground are only possible with the 45° view­fin­der angled upwards. But half-and-half recor­dings on the surface or from the swimming position are also easy to do. Four locking positions on the housing allow for a quick change from landscape to portrait format over and under water, which is also a big bonus in terms of easy handling.




In general, most pho­to­graph­ers will have a good time with the S10 SPORTSFINDER. The 10° viewing angle allows perfect control of the view­fin­der image, enables quick action photos and, thanks to the slightly tilted viewing angle, makes shooting objects close to the ground espe­ci­al­ly easy. To switch from landscape to portrait format, the S10 SPORTSFINDER can also be rotated forward and back by 45° – in and out of the water.





The S180 SPORTSFINDER has a straight design and is bright and brilliant as always. With its straight per­spec­ti­ve, this view­fin­der is ideal for quick and precise aiming. Its con­s­truc­tion allows it to be posi­tio­ned almost in the optical axis of the camera, making it easier to work in both portrait and landscape format. It easily handles fast-swimming objects, large fish, but also diving shots and portraits.



The alter­na­ti­ve: G PRO Viewfinder


The smallest view­fin­der in the program has a precisely adjusted Galilei optic with a brilliant per­spec­ti­ve. The G‑PRO VIEWFINDER reduces the camera image a bit, but shows the entire field of view and the complete camera data despite the diving mask. Due to the par­ti­cu­lar­ly small design, it is ideal for following bigger animals or for fast-paced shots for filmmakers.



The right view­fin­der will make your work under water so much easier. Despite the ergonomic factor and the easy handling and mounting, SEACAM view­fin­ders show you a clear, up to 3x enlarged view­fin­der image through the diving mask and aid immensely in your image com­po­si­ti­on. You design your shot perfectly, set the sharpness just right and then press the shutter at exactly the right moment.


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