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Space saver: SEACAM View­fin­der plug

This new trans­pa­rent view­fin­der plug is perfect as a second option to your standard view­fin­der. Designed to be used on all current SEACAM housings, it will ensure an easy and acces­si­ble view onto the camera display of your Canon, Nikon, Sony or Leica camera.

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Ports: The optical interface

A variety of lenses and ports is essential for great pho­to­gra­phy – above and below water. Not only are they the key element of pho­to­gra­phic expres­si­on, they are the photographer’s most important resource.

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Nice view: SEACAM Viewfinders

SEACAM view­fin­ders are easy to handle and show you a clear, up to 3x enlarged view­fin­der image through the diving mask, making image com­po­si­ti­on much easier. Discover our versatile range of view­fin­ders here.

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