Space saver: SEACAM View­fin­der plug


The view­fin­der is an essential part of every under­wa­ter housing. It’s where we compose an image or a video and where we make sure ever­y­thing is set correctly – in essence, it’s one of the basic tools every under­wa­ter pho­to­grapher needs. Well…


…almost every pho­to­grapher. We love our view­fin­ders and we’ve put much care into the deve­lo­p­ment of these very essential tools, but we have to admit: There might be certain situa­tions where a standard view­fin­der is not the most ideal option. Video­graph­ers and even a few pho­to­graph­ers who require a clear view of the back monitor – and not so much the view­fin­der – have asked and we listened. And we’ve created a new accessory that will not only give you a great monitor view, but also ensures full fle­xi­bi­li­ty for further use of the housing: a trans­pa­rent view­fin­der plug.


This plug is perfect as a second option alongside your standard view­fin­der. Designed to be used on all current SEACAM housings just like a regular view­fin­der, is made from the same high-quality synthetic as the monitor window and will ensure an easy and acces­si­ble view onto your camera display. This makes it a great solution to have in your toolkit if you are shooting video, if you’re a freediver or if you’re simply enjoying a good view onto your display.




You can use the view­fin­der plug just as you would a view­fin­der on all current SEACAM housings from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Leica and more. The plug comes with a security ring and a safety pin and you can easily switch from your classic view­fin­der and back in seconds.


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SEACAM housing for Nikon Z8 with transparent viewfinder plug

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