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Herbert Frei about SEACAM

"Aufgrund meiner Tätigkeit als Tester von UW-Fotogeräten sind mir die UW-Gehäuse aller namhaften Hersteller bekannt. Vergleicht man die Vor-und Nachteile der Mitbewerber mit Seacam-Produkten, so stellt sich unabhängig von persönlichen Vorlieben heraus, dass die in Voitsberg produzierten Seacam-Silver-Gehäuse aufgrund ihrer technologischen Überlegenheit und ihres praxisorientierten Zubehörs den besten Gegenwert für die Investition in ein Metall-UW-Gehäuse bieten."

News and Innovations

NEW – NIKON D850, Panasonic GH 5, Olympus OMD E1 MK II, Sony A7III
Our housing range continues to grow: The new SEACAM silver housings for the Nikon D850 and Panasonic GH5 stand out with an unreached image quality and performance. The compact series has also been extended to housings for the Olympus OMD-E1 MK II and the new Sony A7III.
Ports for every need
The additions to our port range offer even more flexibility and adapatbility for your equipment: The Compact Port guarantees not only a practical travel size, but also the highest standard of optical quality. Special ports like the Microport or the Fisheye Macro Port Circular are tailored to your special lenses and individual needs.
SEACAM goes Facebook
It took quite some time, but we are finally ready: SEACAM is now officially on Facebook. On our profile, you will find many interesting posts, our latest technical innovations and and the most beautiful pictures from the world of SEACAM underwater photography. "Like and share" us and become a member of our global SEACAM family.
With the new SEACAM compact housing series SEACAM the first time offers housings for mirrorless cameras. The SEACAM compact SONY A7II housing is extreme small, lightweight and fully equipped and features its innovative SEACAM silver design.

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