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The shark

When you get to know Laurent Ballesta, you quickly know: This man likes the extra­or­di­na­ry. So it’s not sur­pri­sing that his creative streak sometimes pushes him and his equipment to the limits of what is possible.

Discovery spirit

into the deep.

The Gombessa Expe­di­ti­ons, which Laurent Ballesta has been leading for years, are his lifeblood and have taken him and his team to very special places. To dive with 700 sharks in Fakarava, deep under the icebergs in Ant­ar­c­ti­ca, with the coela­canths in South Africa or a full 28 days in a hyper­ba­ric chamber in the Mediterranean.

SEACAM housings are perfectly designed, reliable and ergonomic – unique devices and access­ories ready for depths of up to ‑200 meters.

Laurent Ballesta 
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The French-born marine biologist has been diving since he was 13 and is now one of the most widely published under­wa­ter pho­to­graph­ers. His work is shown and awarded worldwide. Between the numerous expe­di­ti­ons and research trips with his company Andromede Oce­a­no­lo­gie, he regularly gives lectures about his latest adven­tures and showcases his breath­ta­king pictures.

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